10 Interesting Facts About Bulldog You Might Know

Bulldogs are one of the most popular pets. It is also known as English or British Bulldog.

According to American Kennel Club(US), Bulldog was the 5th most popular breed in 2017.

It is a medium-sized Dog breed, muscular, hefty, and with a wrinkled face with an extraordinary pushed-in nose.

It has wide heads and shoulders, there are generally thick folds of skin under the neck, pointed teeth, and dropping lips with the upturned jaw.

This is one of the breeds with a short and either straight tail naturally.

According to BCA, a straight tail facing downward is more fascinating, than a straight tail facing upward.

Facts About Bulldog

1-Bulldogs was originally a fighter breed.


The designation “Bull” was given to this Dog because this Dog used to use it in spots of Bull-Baiting.

People use wagers on each Dog.

The Dog who could grab the Bull by the nose and pin it to the ground would be the winner.

It was very easy for the Bull to kill or injure the Dog in such an event either by goring, tossing, or overriding them.

Because of the Bull-Baiting sports, they developed stocky bodies, massive heads, Jaws, and savage temperament which symbolized the breed.

Later Bull-baiting was banned in England by  Cruelty to Animals Act of 1835.

2-They were almost Extinct

After Bull-Baiting spots were banned in England, there was no use of this breed as a sports breed in England.

But emigrants did use such breeds in mid 17 century.

Few of them were brought to New York (US), and those were used for a roundtrip citywide.

Bulldogs were trained to fight with a Bull and snatch a Bull by its nose long enough for a rope to secure around its neck.

Bill George was the one who promoted this Dog breed continually.

3- They are not a good Swimmer.

Due to their wide heads, shoulders, and short legs kind of body structure they have difficulty swimming, so it better would be to keep them away from water or keep an eye on them.

4- They eat a Lot.


They eat like a hungry infant they swallow their food without chewing, There might be a few things they like to do more than eat.

They love to eat.

Since they eat very fast without chewing which can be bad for digestion and leads to stomach aches and vomiting. 

Bulldogs are greedy eaters and they overeat in a given chance, and they are quick weight gainers as well. So they will become beast quickly if do not monitor in food intake.

5-They are Noisy.

They are one of the noisiest Dog breeds, that could be because of their lifestyle and body structure,  they grunt, snore, snuffle, and wheeze. 

Since they are fast eaters and swallow too much air while they eat resulting in lots of gas.

6-They are lazy dogs.


However, this is one of the most popular Dogs in the US but this is not for everyone, since it is really heavy in size, and if you have to take him to the Vet or somewhere it will be very hard.

This Dog can be stubborn and lazy, and in old age, the Dog might not even be interested to go out for a walk. 

They prefer to stay at home and sleep until the next eating time.

This breed is quite friendly and they like people but we can’t expect that they will pay for a long time.

7- Around 80% of Bulldog litters are delivered by c-section.

Because their characteristically big heads can become lodged in the mother’s birth canal, that’s why their birth process is also a bit difficult.

The natural birth process could cause injury, so to avoid that, over 80% of their litter is delivered by  Caesarean section (c-section).

8-They are Mascots.

Many people believe in Bulldog as a mascot.

They are popularly used to represent England or the United Kingdom.

One of the professional English wrestlers the late Davey boy smith was nicknamed The British Bulldog. 

And he used to bring his Bulldog named Matilda to the ring with him very often.

United States Marine Corps has its official Mascot, and many of its bases have their Mascot on their base.

Moreover, thirty-nine American universities have their Mascot.

Bas Boy Blue (BBB) an ultra group, that supports the Croatian football club GNK Dinamo Zagreb has this breed as its official Mascot.

One of the Australian Rugby League teams Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldog has as a symbol and Mascot.

9-Strathtay Prince Albert the winner.

A little of the “Best in Show” is given to a dog who was declared the winner of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, which was introduced in 1905.

Strathtay Prince Albert was the winner of the show in 1913 and won the title of Best in Show.

he was in the third position in 1914 and afterward continued to appear in the competition for several years.

10-Record holder of Guinness world records in 2015

Otto, one of the talented Dogs has mentioned his name in the Guinness world record in 2015 for breaking the record for Longest human tunnel traveled by skateboard.

The doge traveled from 30 people human tunnel in Lima, Peru.

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