Australian Bulldog: Amazing Bulldog Breed

Breed Introduction

The Australian Bulldog is one of the newly developed Bulldog breeds.

This breed was developed by two breeders, N & T (Noel and Tina) Greens and Pip Nobes under two breeding programs. 

The main reason for creating this breed was to improve the health of Bulldogs while also allowing them to adapt to the Australian environment with the same appearance as Bulldogs.

This breed was first developed in the 1990s in Queensland, Australia, and in 1998, the first Bulldog of this breed was introduced to the public and N & T Greens were given the name of the Australian Bulldog.

This bulldog is also known as an Aussie Bulldog.

However, the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) did not register this breed because the ANKC only recognized pure-bred animals and considered this breed to be a mixed Bulldog breed.

So, N & T Greens and Pip Nobes founded the United Aussie Bulldog Association (UABA) to maintain and record the Australian Bulldog breed in 2003.

However, in 2004, N & T Greens and Pip Nobes split for different reasons, and Pop Nobes founded the Australian Bulldog Society (ABS).

The ABS’s main motive was to have the Australian Bulldog Breed recognized by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC).

Both the UABA and the ABS now keep separate records of the breed’s details.

A number of other clubs, including the Aussie Bulldog Club of Australia (ABCA), have been formed in recent years to record this breed.

Quick Overview About Australian Bulldog

Breed NameAustralian Bulldog
Other NameAussie Bulldog, Australasian Bosdog
Lifespan10 to 12 Years 
Breed typeFamily Dog
Height Male / Female18 to 20 inches / 17 to 18 inches
Weight Male / Female60 to 78 pounds / 50 to 61 pounds
TemperamentActive, Loving, Loyal
Coat ColorFawn, Red, Mahogany, White, Brindle, Black
Exercise Requirement20 to 30 minutes 
Energy levelGood
Tendency to DroolLow
Tendency SnoreLow
Tendency to BarkLow
Attention needModerate

Breed Appearance

australian bulldog
PC: Unsplash

The Australian Bulldog is the result of crossbreeding with multiple Bulldogs, including the English Bulldog,  the English Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the Boxer.

People initially confuse the English and Australian Bulldogs because the appearance of this breed is similar to that of the English Bulldog.

This breed has a thick muscular body, a pushed-in face, a broad chest, a broad head with shoulders, a less squished muzzle, and long legs with fewer wrinkles.

They have docked tails.

Because it appears to be an English Bulldog, but if you look closely, you will notice a difference.

Breed Size

The Australian Bulldog is a medium-sized bulldog breed. Males can grow to be 18 to 20 inches tall and weigh 60 to 78 pounds on average, while females can grow to be 17 to 18 inches tall and weigh 50 to 61 pounds.

Breed Colors

The Australian Bulldog has a low-shedding, short-haired coat with a smooth coat that comes in a variety of beautiful colors, including at least five different shades of brindle. This breed often has patches on their bodies.

Shades of Coat:-

  • Fawn
  • Red
  • Mahogany
  • White
  • Brindle
  • Black

Breed Temperament

The Australian Bulldog is an intelligent, loving, and loyal dog.

They love being a family member. They are people-oriented and they crave human attention.

This is a fun-loving breed that enjoys playing with children.

They are devoted to their masters. In their adult years, they can be devoted and dependable watchdogs.

Breed Temperature

Due to the Australian bulldog’s normally functioning respiratory system, this breed is less sensitive to heat than other bulldog breeds, but that doesn’t mean they should be left outside in the summer for a long time.

Social Engagement

The Australian Bulldog is a mixed breed of English Bulldog and they have a history of fighting with bulls in Bull-Baiting sports, so they are a bit aggressive.

It is very important to socialize and expose your Aussie Bulldog to strange people, dogs, cats, and other animals.

Their aggressive behavior can be controlled if you socialize with them from an early age.

Exercise Requirement

The Australian Bulldogs’ strength is pretty good, so you should take them for a regular walk.

A 20 to 30 minutes walk is sufficient for them; they are playful dogs who enjoy their playtime.

They can be stubborn at times, making it difficult to take them for walks or exercise, but if you can be patient and appreciate him for his efforts, it will make your job easier and the training more manageable.

Breed Grooming 

The Australian Bulldog needs moderate maintenance and grooming. They have a short coat and beautiful and smooth fur.

Brush them on a regular basis, at least twice a week, to keep their fur in good condition.

To avoid infection and dermatitis, you should wipe your Aussie bulldog’s wrinkles and folds with lukewarm clothes and then dry him thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an Australian bulldog live?

Around 10 to 12 Years.

Australian bulldog colors?


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