Blue French Bulldog, Cost, Colors and Characteristics

The Blue French Bulldog is one of the unique bulldogs that carries the beautiful color blue.

They have grayish blue coats, and some of them can have blue eyes as well, to match their coat and fur, which makes them one of the most lovable and beautiful bulldogs in the world.

The Blue French Bulldog, also known as the Blue Frenchie, is a very easygoing dog with a friendly temperament who is always willing to make friends with strangers. They can spend a lot of time on your lap, and they warm your heart with cuddles.

Here we will share information about the Blue French Bulldog, or Blue Frenchie.

The Blue French Bulldog is one of the color variants of the French bulldog.

Their beautiful gray-ish blue fur and coat make them one of the most unique dog breeds.


The Blue French Bulldog shares the same history as the French bulldog; they were first seen in the 1900s.

Like their names, they are not from France. They were basically from England, along with other small dog breeds like the Pug and the Terrier. Even now, we can see the similarities between these breeds, like their big bat ears and scrunched noses.

People from England like lacemakers. They used to have these small dogs for their small homes as it used to be comfortable for both.

During the industrial revolution, lacemakers from England moved to France to use their skills along with their small dogs.

And during the 19th century, these French bulldogs were brought to America, and they became very popular for their small size, friendly nature, and loyal temperament.

A Quick Overview Of The Blue French Bulldog

Breed NameBlue French Bulldog
Other NameBlue Frenchie
Lifespan10 to 14 Years
Breed typePurebred
SizeSmall size
Height 11 to 13 inches
Weight16 to 28 Pounds
TemperamentFriendly, Lovable, Sweet, Easy going dog
Coat Short
ColorBlue merle, Blue fawn, Blue pied, and Blue brindle
Exercise requirementAbout an hour
Energy levelLow
Tendency to BarkLow
Attention needHigh

The Appearance Of The Blue French Bulldog

The Appearance Of The Blue French Bulldog

The most unique and eye-catching thing that grabs people’s attention while seeing this bulldog is its gray-ish blue coat, which makes people recognize this bulldog easily.

The Blue Frenchies have dark slaty gray coats, which makes them easy to spot from the other French bulldogs.

Their blue coat is soft and glossy.

Their eyes are also different from other dogs, which makes them stand out from other breeds.

They have big eyes, which can be blue, gray, or green in color.

Most people love the blue French bulldog with green eyes, which looks very adorable, and people fall in love with them after first eye contact.

Apart from their blue coats, their green eyes are the reason why people want to own this bulldog.

Another thing that people love about this breed is their nice soft and silky fur, which makes lots of people cuddle.

They have muscular bodies, with a little bit of loose skin, a wrinkled face, and a pushed-in nose, and another part that people notice about this bulldog and which makes this bulldog different from other bulldogs is their bat ears.

According to their characteristics, they have small tails which are not altered or docked; they are stumpy.

They have small legs, but their gait is quick. The combination of all their features makes them very adorable.

The Size Of A Blue French Bulldog

The Blue French Bulldog is a small-sized dog breed. The female dog weighs around 16 to 23 pounds, and the male dog weighs around 21 to 28 pounds.

And these dogs grow up to be around 11 to 13 inches long.

These dogs meet the breed standard. To meet the breed standard, these dogs should be around 11 to 13 inches long, and they should weigh under 28 pounds.

On their small bodies, they have a large head, which is topped with a bat ear, which makes them look nice.

Coat And Color

As per their name, the Blue French Bulldog has a short coat with soft and silky fur, but their blue-colored coat also has some rare and beautiful variants.

  1. Blue merle
  2. Blue fawn
  3. Blue pied
  4. Blue brindle


The Blue French Bulldogs are a naturally lovable dog breed. They always look to spend time with their owner and family members. They will follow you around the home.

They are a very affectionate dog breed. They are very nice to kids and love to play with them.

They are a lazy dog breed. They love to snuggle, cuddle with their owner, or sit on the owner’s lap and spend most of the time doing just nothing..


The Blue French Bulldog has a short and smooth coat, which is fairly easy to groom. 

They do not shed a lot, which is why their coat does not require brushing on a daily basis. They do shed periodically, like twice a year. 

That is the time when you have to take care of those tangles, which can be all around your home and furniture. 

Other times they will be clean. You can just follow the routine of brushing on their coat once a week, which will be fine to keep them clean. 

That is one of the nice things people love about this cuddling dog.

The other thing you should do is clean their wrinkled skin with a dog-safe wipe because their wrinkled skin can trap dirt during playtime, which can irritate them.

You should make a routine to clean their whole bodies. You should also clean their bat ears with a soft dog wipe.

Keep an eye on their nails, which should be trimmed on a regular basis so that they do not injure themselves or a family member.

Bathing is not required regularly; once in a while would be fine or when they get dirty.

How To Train A Blue French Bulldog?

blue french bulldog

In history, we know that bulldogs were fighting dogs, so they were aggressive and stubborn. Perhaps this is why they are so stubborn.

But now people have already developed training patterns to train these dogs to deal with their nature.

If you use the right method, they will really follow the training pattern to make you happy. Frenchies are eager to please their owners.

They are smart dogs that use their minds to excel in the correct training method.

They do best if the trainer uses the positive reinforcement method. If you appreciate their efforts, they will feel very good and will try harder to follow your instructions.

They are sensitive dogs, and they do not like harsh behavior. If you do so, then you might lose trust.

Is the Blue French Bulldog a purebred?

Before we own any dog, one of the common questions that come to our mind is, is the Blue French Bulldog a purebred? So the answer is yes.

To have a unique and beautiful color, it needs very specific genetics.

But even after being purebred, this blue French bulldog is not recognized by any dog breed association or kennel club.

Because of their rare color coat, it makes them difficult to recognize. 

However, so many great breeders are working carefully to create healthy dogs, and in the future, there might be a time when these beautiful dogs will be recognized.

How Much Does A Blue French Bulldog Cost?

This is one of the common questions that come to mind when we plan to own this. How much does a blue French bulldog cost?

This might be a surprising answer for those who wanted to have this dog for the first time or even never owned any dog.

This is one of the most expensive dog breeds; it might even cost more than a pug. 

When we search online or if we talk to any breeder about this, we might have to pay somewhere from $1500 to $4000 for a puppy.

This breed is expensive because it is one of the unique breeds and it is difficult for breeders to breed this kind of unique dog.

Pic Source – Blue Mountain French Bulldogs

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