Bullmastiff | Great Guard Dog | 2021

Breed Introduction

The Bullmastiff is a naturally fearless and protective dog. This breed was developed by crossing the bulldog with a mastiff by British Gamekeepers to protect the country’s estates from poachers in the 19th century.

The British Gamekeeper was looking for a large, strong, fearless, quiet, and active dog who could be a silent watchdog and who could track down poachers and hold them until the owners arrived.

So they chose the Mastiff because they were large in size, but they were not aggressive enough, so they chose Bulldogs to mix with the Mastiff because bulldogs are brave and have the strength to hold a man down.

This cross became popular and they became known as Gamekeeper’s Night Dogs.

Eventually, poaching declined. Since then, these breeds have gotten a new role as guard dogs or watchdogs. 

In 1924, this breed was recognized by the English Kennel Club (EKC) as a purebred dog and in 1934, the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized this breed.

Quick Overview of the Bullmastiff

Breed NameBullmastiff
Lifespan8 to 10 Years
Breed typePurebred
Height Male/Female25 and 27 inches/24 to 26 inches
Weight Male/Female110 to 130 lbs/110 to 120 lbs
TemperamentBrave, Gentle, and Friendly
Coat Short and smooth
Exercise requirementAround 40 Minutes
Energy levelLow
Litter sizeAround 8
Tendency to DroolHigh
Tendency to BarkLow
Attention needModerate

Breed Appearance

The Bullmastiff is a large and powerful bulldog. They look formidable. They have broad heads and wrinkles, short, squire muzzles, black noses, and almond-shaped dark eyes.

The ears are hanging downward, which is v-shaped, and the tail is set high.

Breed Size

The Bullmastiff is a large-sized bulldog breed. The male breed should grow to a height of between 25 and 27 inches (64 to 69 cm), while the female breed should grow to a height of between 24 to 26 inches (61 to 66 cm).

The male breed should weigh between 110 to 130 lbs (50 to 59 kg), while the female breed should weigh between 110 to 120 lbs (45 to 54 kg).

Breed Colors

According to the AKC standard, the Bullmastiff is accepted in fawn (it can range from a very light brown to a reddish-brown), red (it can range from a light red fawn to a dark rich red), and brindle (it can be an overlay stripe of fawn and red) only.

Occasionally, a small white mark has been seen on their chest.

Breed Temperament

Bullmastiffs are known for their gentle, loving, and calm temperament toward their owners and family members.

This breed needs an experienced owner to handle it.

The Bullmastiffs are fearless and confident. They are obedient and loyal to their owner.

They are a natural guardian breed. They respond quickly to protect their owners or family members if anything suspicious is found.

Usually, they do not bark a lot, they are silent watchdogs. 

Social Engagement


The Bullmastiff needs socialization from an early age. A well-trained and socialized dog will be confident and trustworthy. Exposure to different people, pets, places, sights, and sounds is essential. Enrolling in a puppy kindergarten would be a good option. Take your puppy to a park or local store where dogs are allowed.

Exercise Requirement

Most bullmastiffs are not so active, but some of them are naturally active, but still need moderate daily exercise. Around 40 minutes of daily exercise is fine for them. They enjoy outdoor walks and playing.

They are not ideal if you are looking for a running or jogging partner, but they can give you company while walking.

They are not good in hot weather, so avoid taking them out or exercising on a hot day.


Bullmastiffs have short coats, and they do not shed a lot, so grooming this breed is an easy task. Quick brushing on their coat on a daily basis will help to keep their coat smooth and shiny, and baths if they get dirty.

Check their ears, eyes, and nails on a weekly basis, and clean their ears and eyes if needed, and trim their nails if they grow long. That helps to keep the feet in good condition.

Dental hygiene is also important, brush their teeth a couple of times a week.

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