How Much To Feed A French Bulldog Puppy? Nutritional Tips And Care

How much to feed a French bulldog puppy? This question comes up often for new dog owners.

The answer depends on many factors, including breed, age, size, activity level, and environment.

The French bulldog is one of the most adorable bulldog breeds in the world.

Most dog lovers want to own this breed, or maybe most of them already own this lovable dog.

But when new owner wants to own a French bulldog, they come with many questions, like how much to feed a French bulldog puppy, how long they will grow, how much time they will take to fully grow, etc.

And these questions are good for them because if they have an answer to their questions, then owners can better take care of their lovely pets.

If you are a new owner of a French bulldog or going to own a French bulldog and if you are also looking for an answer to how much to feed a French bulldog puppy, then you are at the right place. 

In this article, we are mainly going to discuss how much to feed a French Bulldog puppy, what kind of dog food is best for them, and when to switch from puppy food to adult food.

We have gone through different research blogs and gathered the experiences of different French bulldog owners to find out the answer to how much to feed a French bulldog puppy.

There are different types of food that you can feed your French bulldog. We will discuss that as well.

A quick overview of how much to feed a French bulldog puppy to an adult

AgeFood TypesAmountMeals Per Day
1 to 2 weeksMother’s milkunlimitedunlimited
3 weeksMother’s milkunlimitedunlimited
4 weeksMother’s milk and mushOne-quarter cup of mush6
5 weeksPuppy food1 cup to 1/2 cup4 – 6
6 weeksPuppy food1 cup4
7 weeksPuppy food1 cup4
8 weeksPuppy food1 and 1/2 cups4
9 weeksPuppy food1 and 1/2 cups3-4
10 weeksPuppy food1 and 1/2 cups3
11 weeksPuppy food1 and 1/2 cups3
12 weeksPuppy food1 and 1/2 cups3
6 MonthsPuppy food2 cups2 -3
9 monthsPuppy food or adult food2 – 21/2 cups
1 yearAdult food2 -3 cups2
AdultAdult food2 – 3 cups2
SeniorAdult food2 – 3 cups2

Age-wise, how much to feed a French Bulldog puppy?

In this section, we are going to discuss in detail how much to feed a French bulldog puppy.

Like every dog, the French bulldog also needs a balanced diet since it was born to seniors.

These figures we are giving here are average numbers because every dog is different and these numbers can different as well.

You can follow these details as a general guideline to feed your puppy. 

0 to 2 weeks old French bulldog

When a French bulldog is born, he or she cannot see or hear. Newborn puppies are just helpless.

They cannot see because of their sealed eyelids. They are completely dependent on mummy French bulldogs.

At this age, they just drink mummy milk, so you have nothing to do for the puppies. Their mother should take care of their puppies.

You should simply ensure that their mother is caring for the puppies and that the mother dog is getting adequate rest and nutrition.

3 weeks old French bulldog

Your French bulldog is 3 weeks old. From this age, Frenchie is able to see and hear as well, and even now they will be able to make noise too, but they still spend most of the time sleeping and feeding on mummy milk, which is good for them at this age.

4 weeks old French bulldog

At the age of 4 weeks, the Frenchies can still not be separated from their mother. She still needs lots of nutrition to develop her body, and this is what could be done with her mother’s milk.

By this time, she would be ready to drink water from the bowl as well.

If they are showing interest in drinking water from the bowl, then you should introduce them to a mushy mixture of puppy food and water.

This food should contain mainly water. This mixture should be 3 parts of water and 1 part of dog food.

This kind of food can be served to your Frenchies twice a day.

5 weeks old French bulldog

At the age of 5 weeks, your puppy should be dependent on its food and it should try exploring.

And if you have already introduced them to puppy food with a mixture of water, then they should show interest in that as well.

6 weeks old French bulldog

By the age of six weeks, the mother dog attempts to wean her puppy.

They eventually become independent of their mother.

At the age of 6 weeks, they start to understand their surroundings.

7 weeks old French bulldog

Around week 7, the puppy should have gotten a regular checkup from the vet.

They should be eating mixed puppy food with water multiple times a day.

They need regular replenishment because they exert a lot of energy.

8 weeks old French bulldog

If you are adopting the French bulldog from the breeder, then this is the best time.

They are ready to go to their new home by the age of eight or nine weeks.

At the age of 8 weeks, they should eat 4 meals a day, and throughout the meal, they eat approximately one and a half cups of puppy food.

You should make sure that they are not overfed because obesity is a big problem with French bulldogs.

9 weeks old French bulldog

They should still be eating one and a half cups of puppy food by this time.

According to their appetite, you should divide their meal portions for the whole day, but by the age of 9 months, 3 meals a day should be fine.

They are growing rapidly, so you should make sure they are getting high-quality dog food with balanced nutrition.

10 weeks old French bulldog

By the age of 10 weeks, your pup still eats about one and a half cups of puppy food, which is divided into three meals a day.

At the age of 10 weeks, they should have a well-established feeding routine, which is very important to monitor if they are getting proper nutrition during the day.

11 weeks old French bulldog

how much to feed a french bulldog

At the age of 11 weeks, the Frenchies have a good amount of energy and are ready to explore the world. They are very playful by the time

At the age of 11 weeks, they should still eat one and a half cups of puppy food and they should follow the routine for a healthy lifestyle.

Do not overfeed them. Try to avoid sharing your meal with them. Overfeeding is absolutely not good for their growth and development.

12 weeks old French bulldog

At the age of 12 weeks, French bulldogs are growing very quickly and contain a good amount of energy.

By this time, they should be very familiar with their feeding routine and be ready to eat at mealtime.

You should continue feeding them a balanced diet per the schedule.

3 Months

Your puppy is growing very fast and has a good amount of energy. After 3 months now, you should start slowly increasing their meal size.

The exact amount of meal size depends on their size, so you should make sure they are not overfed because they are known as lazy dogs, so if they get overfed they get overweight, which is not good for them.

And they should not be underfed as well because they are still growing, so they should have a balanced diet.

6 Months

6 months of age is a good time for French bulldogs to slightly change their meal schedule from 3 times a day to 2 times a day, but they should still drink several bowls of water a day.

1 Year

how much to feed a french bulldog

From the age of 9 months to 1 year, it is a good time to start feeding them adult dog food, and at about the same time, you can introduce adult kibble to your puppy as a treat. A piece or two of adult kibble is fine a couple of times a day.

At the age of 10 to 11 months, you should sift your puppy’s food into adult dog food.

To avoid digestive issues, begin with a mix of half the adult dog food and half of the puppy dog food.

As per the French bulldog growth chart, you should increase or decrease the small amount of food as per requirement.

At about the age of 12 months, they are fully grown, and at their senior age, they need a change in their diet.

Compared to growing French bulldogs, senior French bulldogs eat less and need fewer calories.


When should a French Bulldog puppy be weaned from his mother’s milk?

About 3 to 4 weeks is a good age for weaned French bulldog puppies.

When should I stop feeding my French Bulldog puppy food?

For your French Bulldog, 9 to 12 months is a good time to slightly change from puppy food to adult food.

How much dry food should I feed my French Bulldog?

It depends on the age of the French bulldog puppies.
For a 6-week-old puppy, you can feed 1 cup of dry food mixed with water about 3 times a day.


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