Mammut Bulldog | 1 of The Rare Bulldog

Breed Introduction

The Mammut Bulldog may be a recreation of the first longhaired working bulldog of the 1800s. The fashionable Mammut was originally a German bloodline comprised of 100% bulldogs, including American Bulldog, Bandogge, bulldog, Olde English Bulldogge, and Bullmastiff.

Quick Overview of the Mammut Bulldog

Breed NameMammut Bulldog
Other NameMammut Bull and the Mammoth Bulldog
Lifespan About 9 to 11 years old.
Breed typeMix breed
Height 17-21 inches
Weight40-60 lbs
TemperamentLoyal, bold, and fearless
Coat Long
ColorAll color
Exercise requirementAbout 40 minutes
Energy levelModerate
Litter sizeAbout 3 to 5 puppies
Attention needModerate

Breed Appearance

The wedge-shaped head is medium long with a pronounced muzzle. The skull is large, and the cheekbones are prominent. 

The ears are set high. All ear types are allowed. Depending on the pigment, the nose is black, brown, or liver-colored. The oval eyes are dark. 

The muzzle is square, wide, and deep, with a robust appearance and adjusted flews. It’s an undershot or scissors bite and isn’t blamed for broken teeth. The neck is muscular, slightly arched from the shoulder to the top, tapering, and free from loose skin at the throat. The chest is deep with closed ribs. 

The thighs are medium in size with well-developed muscles, joints with proper angulation (about 30 degrees), and they stand parallel. The joints are rather steep, but not too so. The rear is robust with a rather sloping croup and a small depression behind the withers. 

The tail is about low, getting to the hocks, and is allowed altogether forms, but a straight, intact tail without kinks is preferred. Kinked or deformed tails are docked, but the breed isn’t altered in any other way (no ear cropping or dewclaw removal). 

Coat and Color

The longhaired coat is thick, and feathering around the ears, rear of the legs, and tail is common. Pure white dogs cannot be produced. All coat colors are permissible.

Breed Size

The Mammut Bulldog can height around: 17-21 inches (45-55 cm).

And the weigh around: 40-60 lbs (18-27 kg).

Breed Temperament

The Mammut Bulldog is loyal, bold, and fearless. It’s confident and intelligent, with a robust character. This breed features a moderate to high prey drive. It excels in many sports and makes an honest dog, from agility to protection training and beyond. 

It’s a pleasant family dog that makes a superb companion. This breed is sweet with children. It has high pain tolerance. Owners have to take a determined, consistent, loving approach while remaining calm. 

If the dog senses you’re weaker-minded than he is, he will become stubborn, as he will believe it’s his job to run the house. They create wonderful pets for assertive owners who display the proper amount of leadership. Proper human-canine communication is important.

Breed Temperature

The Mammut Bulldog does its best to measure indoors on the brink of its family. Unlike many other bulldog breeds, the Mammut Bulldog can endure a larger variety of temperatures, both cold and warm.

Exercise Requirement

This breed must be taken on a daily walk. While on a walk, the dog must be forced to heel beside or behind the person carrying the lead, as the leader leads the way in a dog’s head, which must be a human leader. These canines thrive in active households and are excellent working dogs.


The short coat is easy to groom. Comb and brush with a firm brush, and bathe only when necessary. This breed is a mean shedder.

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