Red Tiger Bulldog | Rarest breed in the world | 2022

Breed Introduction

The Red Tiger Bulldog was developed in 1991 in central Indiana, United States.

This breed was developed by the Rev. Scott L. Amos and his son, Scott Amos 2.

The main motive behind developing this breed was to create a quality bulldog with different colors and beauty while keeping the same working abilities and other features of the Bulldog.

The Rev. Scott L. Amos owned and produced the Red-Nosed American Bulldog, so he used the Red-Nosed American Bulldog’s foundation to develop the Red Tiger Bulldog.

The first Red-nosed Bulldog breed was registered with their United States patent and trademark in January 2011.

Quick Overview of the Red Tiger Bulldog

Breed NameRed Tiger Bulldog
Other NameRed-Nosed Bulldog, Red Bulldog, Red Brindle Bulldog, Amos’s Red Tiger Bulldogs
OriginUnited States
Lifespan12 to 16 years
Breed typeCrossbred
SizeMedium to large
Height Male/Female22 to 26 inches/22 to 25 inches
Weight Male/Female75 to 115 lbs/65 to 105 lbs
TemperamentTrustworthy and intelligent
Coat Short and smooth
ColorRed and reddish-brown
Exercise requirementAround 40 minutes
Energy levelModerate
Litter sizeAbout 6 puppies
Tendency to DroolModerate
Attention needModerate

Breed Appearance

The Red Tiger Bulldog is a muscular and strong build. Their skulls are flat and moderate to large in size and rest on top of the muscular neck. 

They have a red or reddish-brown nose. They have strong jaws and teeth which are moderately underbite.

They have long and strong legs, their tails are docked, and their ears are cropped. 

Docked tails and cropped ears are a must for registration.

They are a uniquely colored breed. Their coat usually comes in a red or reddish-brown brindle color. Their eyes are almond-shaped or rounded and should be light-colored. 

Breed Size

The Red Tiger Bulldog is a medium to large-sized dog.

The male breed height should grow between 22 to 26 inches (56 to 66 cm), and the female breed height should grow between 22 to 25 inches (56 to 63 cm).

The male breed should weigh between 75 to 115 lbs (34 to 52 kg), and the female breed should weigh between 65 to 105 lbs (29 to 48 kg).

Breed Coat and Colors

The Red Tiger Bulldog has a short and smooth coat. Originally, this breed came in red and reddish-brown colors.

Breed Temperament

The Red Tiger Bulldog is a trustworthy and intelligent dog. They are very loyal and protective of their master and family.

They are aggressive towards strangers, and they do not allow strangers and unknown guests around the owners’ property. That makes them good guard dogs and watchdogs.

Social Engagement

The Red Tiger Bulldog is very aggressive towards strangers, pets, and animals, so early socialization is very important for this breed. You should encourage them to behave well from an early age. They might be stubborn about training, exercising, or going out, so they need experienced and patient owners.

They are intelligent, and they try to do anything to please their owners, so push them for playtime, and encourage them for their efforts.

They are intelligent and they have a good memory, so they learn quickly. You have to be patient with them. 

Exercise Requirement

The Red Tiger Bulldog is a moderately active dog. It needs regular exercise. They do well in rural and city areas. You can take them for walks on a daily basis and include one long walk as well. Include some physical activity as well. That will help to keep their athletic bodies in shape.


The Red Tiger Bulldog has a short and harsh coat, and these breeds do not shed a lot, so grooming of these breeds is pretty easy.

They brush their coats on a regular basis to remove dead hair and keep them in shape. Trim their nails if they get long, clean their ears and eyes if required, and bathe only when they get dirty.

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