Australian Bulldog : One Of The Newly Developed Bulldog Breeds.

The Australian Bulldog is one of the newly developed bulldog breeds. This breed was developed by two breeders, Noel and Tina Greens and Pip Nobes, under two breeding programs.

The main reason behind creating this breed was to improve the health of bulldogs while also allowing them to adapt to the Australian environment with the same appearance as bulldogs.

This breed was first developed in the 1990s in Queensland, Australia, and in 1998, the first bulldog of this breed was introduced to the public.

Noel and Tina Greens were given the names of this breed as Australian Bulldogs. This breed of dog is also known as the Aussie Bulldog.

The Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) did not register this breed because the ANKC only recognized pure-bred animals and considered this breed to be a mixed bulldog breed.

So, N & T Greens and Pip Nobes founded the United Aussie Bulldog Association (UABA) to maintain and record the Australian Bulldog breed in 2003.

However, in 2004, N & T Greens and Pip Nobes split for different reasons, and Pop Nobes founded the Australian Bulldog Society (ABS).

The ABS's main motive was to have the Australian Bulldog breed recognized by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC).

Both the United Australian Bulldog Association (UABA) and the Australian Bulldog Society (ABS) now keep separate records of the Australian Bulldog breed's details.

A number of other clubs, including the Aussie Bulldog Club of Australia (ABCA), have been formed in recent years to record this breed.