Common Health Issues Of English Bulldog, You Might Not Know

Today, we all know that English bulldogs are one of the most famous and lovable bulldog breeds, and every dog lover wants to have an English bulldog with them.

But do you know there is a common health problem with English bulldogs? Let's find out.



Because of their narrow noses and short faces, they put pressure on the airway to breathe, and that causes respiratory obstruction. Because of that, the English bulldog faces brachycephalic airway obstruction syndrome (BAOS) problems.


Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a degenerative joint disease that can be linked to many factors, such as genetics, breed standards, and the environment.


Patellar luxation

Some English bulldogs face misalignment in bones and develop conditions like thigh bones, calf bones, and kneecaps that do not line up as they should be, and they face health issues like patellar luxation.



Dermatitis issues occur because of their physical structure. The English bulldog has folded skin around its face, lips, and tails, and around the folded skin they generate sweat and moisture, which leads to dermatitis problems.



When English bulldogs bury their faces in things to smell, they might encounter more bacteria and toxins, and that might lead to eczema and inflammation.



Demodectic is a very common issue with English bulldogs, and normally it doesn't cause any problems, but any dog with a weak immune system can develop the disease.