English Bulldog vs. French Bulldog

Differences and Similarities

The French bulldog’s muzzle is shorter and smaller than the English bulldog’s. The English bulldog has a larger and more bulky body with a longer muzzle than the French bulldog.

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The French bulldog has a small head with upright bat ears, and the English bulldog has a large head with drooping ears.

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The French Bulldog has a short and smooth coat, and their coat can have any color, pattern, or combination, but the most common colors are fawn and brindle.

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Coat and Color

The English bulldog also has a short and smooth coat, and they could have a combination of two or three beautiful colors, which could be fallow, fawn, brindle, white, and red.

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The French Bulldog is gentle, affectionate, playful, and docile. English bulldogs have a relatively docile temperament, often being more friendly and affectionate toward their owners.

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French Bulldogs are generally very healthy but are susceptible to some hereditary conditions. The English bulldog does not have any particular athletic or even hunting ability now, but what it does have is a lot of stamina to keep the bull at bay.


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Training requirement

Both breeds are known to be stubborn at times, but that can be remedied by training. You can start training the dog as early as possible to make it obedient and to understand the owner’s commands.

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Exercise requirement

Exercise is important for French and English bulldogs' health. It keeps them from getting overweight, helps them build muscles, and keeps their minds active.

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