One Of The Pure Bulldog Breeds Is The Alano Espanol

Alano Espanol is one of the pure bulldog breed. Some believe this breed was brought to Spain by the Alani during the migration period in the fifth century.

In history, people have used this Alano Espanol bulldog for different purposes as per their requirements, like as cattle to catch dogs, guarding, and hunting.

But before their job as guards, they had been used for blood sports, because Alano Espanol bulldogs were molossor type bulldogs and large in size, and they were fit for blood sports.

In these blood sports called "bull-baiting," Alano Espanol used to fight with bulls until the bull or dog got down. And these sports were very popular during that time.

Later on, after bull-baiting became illegal, the number of this breed began to decline. But some dog lovers, along with veterinary students, did a survey in the 1970s.

During the survey, they found the Alano Espanol in the Basque region of Spain and initiated the breeding programs and maintained the breed's documentation and standards.

Finally In 2004, the Spanish Kennel Club officially recognized Alano Espanol. And the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture recognized this breed as indigenous to Spain.