Valley Bulldog | One Of The Uncommon Bulldog Breed

The Valley Bulldog is one of the rare bulldog breeds. This breed was developed in the Annapolis Valley, Canada. That is why this breed got the Valley Bulldog name.

This bulldog was developed by mixing English bulldogs with boxers.

This bulldog is also known as the Bull-Boxer, and this bulldog breed is also considered a designer bulldog.

The main motive of the breeders was to create a strong, athletic, brave, and calm-tempered bulldog breed.

Some believe this breed was first seen in 1970, so they do not have a long history.

However, this breed was created as a mixed breed, but now they are considered pure breed estimates from the last 15 generations.

The Valley Bulldog can have a different appearance as per their parents' traits. Usually, they have well-built physiques; their bodies are strong; they have broad heads; and their necks are thick.