You Don't Know About The Old English Bulldog, A Great Fighter Bulldog

The Old English Bulldog breed, which originated in the 1600s, is the ancestor of many bulldog breeds, including the American Bulldog and the English Bulldog.

Historians believe that this breed was the result of crossbreeding between ancient fighter dogs like the Old Mastiff and the extinct breed of the Alaunt dog.

Some believe this is the ancestor of the bull terrier and the American pit bull terrier.

This breed was developed as an athletic and agile dog for blood sports such as bull baiting and other common English blood sports such as dog fighting.

According to John Scott's well-known painting, two other recognized members of the breed, Crib and Rosa, can be seen in 1817 as Old English Bulldog breeds, demonstrating that this breed was compact in size, broad, and muscular.

This breed was a Molosser type of dog breed, large to massive in size, very strong, with a wide jaw and pushed into the face. The height of the Old English Bulldog was around 15 inches (380 mm), and they weighed around 45 pounds (20 kg).

The Old English Bulldog was quite savage. Since this breed was from a sports group, it was very active, fearless, and very aggressive.

It was unafraid of attacking and killing anything it came across. However, this breed was not found to be aggressive towards humans.