Why Are French Bulldogs So Expensive?

The French bulldog became one of the most popular dog breeds in America over time. Many dog lovers own this breed because they are very lovely and sweet dogs.

But the French bulldog is not for all dog lovers because this dog is very expensive. It costs a lot to buy, and then it costs a lot to maintain.

If you are wondering why are French bulldogs are so expensive, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will mainly discuss why are French bulldogs so expensive.

On average, a French bulldog puppy costs around $3000 to buy.

There are many factors, but we have collected a few of them, which gives you an answer to why are French bulldogs so expensive.

1-Unique colors of the French bulldog

One of the biggest answers to why the French bulldog is so expensive is the color of the French bulldog.

By nature, French bulldogs are very loyal, gentle, friendly, and playful, which attracts people very much. 

But along with that, French comes in a few very unique and beautiful colors, which makes them very expensive.

Their prices are decided as per their colors.

A quick overview of the average price chart of the French bulldog

Fawn brindle$4,500
Blue & Blue fawn$6,500+
Fluffy Frenchie$12,000+

2-French Bulldog Health Issues

Before you purchase a French bulldog You might already know that the French bulldog is one of the most affectionate, loyal, playful, and friendly bulldog breeds.

And these are a few of the things that melt people’s hearts when they own a French bulldog or want to own a French bulldog.

But did you know that when you bring this lovely bulldog into your home, it also comes with a few common health issues?

Such as hip dysplasia, which causes pain and stiffness in the hips; elbow dysplasia, which affects the elbows; eye disorders, such as cataracts, glaucoma, and corneal dystrophy; heart disease; skin conditions such as allergies, dermatitis, and ear infections; and respiratory diseases such as pneumonia and tracheal collapse, which cause the dog’s lungs and bronchus

3-Difficulty in breeding French bulldogs

Another reason why are French bulldogs so expensive is their breeding problem. This is one of the biggest problems with bulldogs.

French bulldogs are small-sized bulldog breeds. They have narrow hips, which makes them difficult to reproduce.

Due to this issue with their physical structure, they have to go through artificial insemination and c-section to make sure the mother French bulldog and puppies are safe.

And it is such a process to breed a French bulldog puppy that costs $1000-$3000 on average.

Apart from these things, during delivery and after delivery, breeders have to feed mother French bulldogs a healthy and high-protein diet, which also costs a lot of money.

There are only a few breeders available who can afford to breed French bulldogs.

4-Small litters

Since the French bulldog has a friendly nature, and a gentle personality, and is very popular, that could be the reason the demand for the French bulldog has increased over time in many countries, especially in the United States.

However, the average litter size of a French bulldog is two to four puppies. 

There are a higher number of people available who want to buy that dog than there are puppies available. 

The high demand for French bulldog puppies makes them costly.

5-Nutritional Demands of the Breed

French bulldogs are small-sized bulldogs, and they are prone to obesity easily.

French bulldogs need specific diets that should contain high-protein foods like chicken, beef, lamb, fish, eggs, and dairy products.

Their diet should also include vegetables and fruits.

So they need a balanced and appropriate diet for their proper growth and development. 

You can decide on their diet according to their growth chart.

6-Post-pregnancy care of the French bulldog

Once the mother French bulldog goes through c-section delivery, they need proper rest and a healthy diet to recover from the delivery process. 

From 0 to 4 weeks old, French bulldogs depend on their mother’s milk. 

Breeders must ensure that mother bulldogs are not denied the opportunity to feed their puppies.

Once puppies have weaned from their mother, you should know what and how much to feed a French bulldog puppy.

After the delivery and during the healing process, mother bulldogs gain weight because they do not do any physical activity; they just rest and eat a healthy diet.

So around 8 weeks later, once they recover from the delivery process, you should make sure they do some physical activity and exercise.

7-Veterinary care of the French bulldog

why are french bulldogs so expensive

French bulldogs are small-sized dog breeds. That could be one of the reasons the French bulldog has common health issues like hip dysplasia, respiratory diseases, and allergies. 

So they needed to be visited very often to take care of these things.

8-Pet insurance for French Bulldogs

Since you know that French bulldogs are prone to common health issues, making you visit the vet very often, you will end up paying lots of vet fees.

To ease your pain, there is some pet insurance available that covers their health issues and vet fees.

The pet insurance policy coverage is determined by the fee you pay, so make sure you understand what you are getting when you choose the policy.

Why are French bulldogs so popular?

The French bulldog is one of the unique bulldog breeds. They are loyal, friendly, and affectionate.
They come in unique colors and coats that make them so popular.

Are French Bulldogs expensive to maintain?

Yes, French bulldogs are one of the most expensive breeds to maintain, including their diet, insurance, vet visits, etc.

Most expensive French Bulldog color

The Isabella French Bulldog is a rare color and it looks very attractive. That is why this is considered the most expensive French bulldog color.

Why are blue French Bulldogs so expensive?

The Blue French Bulldog is one of the unique bulldog breeds. It looks very cute and it is very rare, which makes it very expensive.

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