Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog: Best Watchdog | 2021

Breed Introduction

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is one of the rarest bulldog breeds in the world. This breed is basically from the United States.

This breed is also known by a few other names; Otto, Cowdog, Catahoula Bulldog, and Silver Dollar. 

Some believe the Old English Bulldog is the ancestor of this breed, which was brought to America in the 18th century. They were used in bull baiting and bear baiting blood sports.

In 1835, blood sports like bull baiting were banned by law.

Later on, they were used by cattle and pig herders to catch pigs. 

This breed has existed in the United States for more than 200 years as a working dog, but there was no document of this breed’s standard.

A group of bulldog lovers from Southern America began to preserve the bulldog breed in 1979 because the number of breeds had rapidly declined.

In 1979, these groups gave the name to this breed as Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, and to maintain the breed standard and documentation, they founded the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Association (ABBBA).

Quick Overview About Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

Breed NameAlapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
Other NameOtto, Cowdog, Catahoula Bulldog, and Silver Dollar. 
OriginUnited States
Lifespan11 to 13 Years
Breed typeWorking dog
Height Male/Female20 to 25 inches/20 to 23 inches
Weight Male/Female70 to 100 lbs/50 to 75 lbs
TemperamentLoyal, Active, and Intelligent
Coat Short and smooth
Colorwhite color with blue, black, brown, or buff patches
Exercise requirementAbout 30 Minute
Energy levelHigh
Litter size4 to 8 Puppies
Tendency to DroolLow
Attention needModerate

Breed Appearance

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a very well-developed bulldog breed. Their bodies are sturdy and muscular. They have a broad head, strong muzzle which is covered by loose lips, their hips are very muscled and narrower than the chest, their back is straight and long as high as dropping ears, the eyes are well set apart. Their tails and ears are never docked or trimmed and their feet are like cats..

Breed Size

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a large-sized bulldog breed. The average height of the male’s breed goes between 20 to 25 inches (51 to 63 cm) and the females go between 20 to 23 inches (45 to 58 cm).

Males Alapaha weigh around 70 to 100 lbs (31 to t45 kg), and females weigh around 50 to 75 lbs (22.5 to 34 kg).

Breed Coat and Colors

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog has a short and smooth coat. Most of them come in white color with blue, black, brown, or buff patches.

Breed Temperament

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a large, strong, active, protective, and intelligent bulldog breed.

This breed might not be a good choice for inexperienced owners. Alapaha needs an owner or leader who can guide them with firmness and consistency, without cruelty and force.

Alapaha is an attention seeker, but they are very loyal. They have a history of watchdog duty. They do this job very well, so their loyal nature makes them a very good watchdog.

But it is not recommended to keep them outside for the whole day as a guard. They might not like it, because they are attention seekers and they love to be part of the family.

Social Engagement

Starting to socialize with Alapaha from an early age and continuing it throughout his life is important. To socialize with him, you can take him to puppy kindergarten, neighbors, friends, garden, local shops.

This is the way he can learn and understand how to treat people and other animals and can identify what is a threat and what is normal.

Alapaha is an intelligent bulldog breed. He is trainable, but consistency is required, 

You should be patient with him. He responds well to any kind of appreciation or treats, so you can appreciate his effort. That will make your job easy.

Exercise Requirement

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is an active and athletic bulldog breed. They have a history as working dogs, so they need activity to utilize their energy, so exercise is a good option for that.

Daily exercise for about 30 minutes is good. They do love a long walk daily.


The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog has a short and smooth coat, which makes their grooming and maintenance easier. 

Simply bruising on their coat a couple of times a week will be okay to remove their dead hairs. 

But their teeth should be brushed on a regular basis and keep monitoring their ears and nails and keep them clean to avoid any infections., trimming their nails if required.

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