Why Is the Campeiro Bulldog So Popular?

Breed Introduction

The Campeiro Bulldog is an ancient breed that originated in Brazil. They were originally used for hunting and guarding livestock. Today, these dogs are known for being loyal companions and excellent watchdogs.

The Campeiro Bulldogs are one of the oldest breeds in Brazil. They were first brought to Europe by Portuguese explorers in the 16th century. However, they weren’t recognized as a separate breed for a long time.

The Campeiro Bulldog is also known by a few other names: Brazilian Bulldog, Pampas Bulldog, Buldogue Campeiro, and Countryside Bulldog. 

The Campeiro is a term commonly used in South Brazil to describe those who work with cattle in rural fields.

It is a rugged working dog descended from the ancient Old English Bulldogs, who were brought to Brazil by European immigrants.

It is here that the Campeiro Bulldog was bred to better meet the needs of the local people.

The Bulldog breed was widely used in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul to control and capture cattle in slaughterhouses.

This breed was about to become extinct. The number of this breed declined in the 1970s after a law banned the use of such dogs in Brazilian slaughterhouses.

The private breeding program began to save this breed, and again, the number has slightly increased.

This breed was officially recognized by the Brazilian Confederation of Cynophilia (CBKC) in 2001.

A Quick Overview of the Campeiro Bulldog

Breed NameCampeiro Bulldog
Other NameBrazilian Bulldog, Pampas Bulldog, Buldogue Campeiro, and Countryside Bulldog
Lifespan10 to 12 Years
Height Male/Female20–22 inches/19–21 inches
Weight Male/Female79–93 lbs/68–82 lbs
TemperamentActive, Loyal, and brave
CoatShort and smooth
ColorFawn, brown, and brindle with white markings
Exercise requirementAbout 30 minute
Energy levelHigh
Tendency to BarkLow
Attention needLow

Breed Appearance

campeiro bulldog

The Campeiro Bulldog has a muscular body, a broad head and slightly rounded, a muscular body, broad and strong shoulders, a broad muzzle with strong jaws, and a triangular, strong neck and drooping ears.

Their tail is short and crooked.

The eyes are almond-round and dark in color. 

Breed Size

The Campeiro Bulldogs are medium-sized bulldogs. They have strong limbs and bones.

The height of the male breed can vary between 20–22 inches (50–56 cm), and the ideal weight for males varies between 79–93 lbs (36–42 kg).

The height of females can vary between 19–21 inches (48–54 cm), and the ideal weight for females varies between 68–82 lbs (31–37 kg). 

Breed Coat and Colors

The coat of the Campeiro Bulldog is short and smooth with a medium texture, neither too rough nor too soft, and may be of different colors.

  • Fawn
  • Brown
  • Brindle with white markings.

Breed Temperament

The Campeiro Bulldog is a rustic and versatile dog endowed with a fighting spirit, very loyal and sociable.

They love the company of their owners and tend to get along very well with children. 

These dogs are very affectionate and loyal. They love to play with people and other animals. They also enjoy being petted and cuddled.

It is important to remember that the ideal location for the breed should preferably have a large area, such as a farm or even a house with a large yard.

Because, due to its origins and history as a working dog, it is important that he has a good space to spend his energy on. 

It is an excellent breed for guarding bulldogs. The Campeiro is a dog totally faithful to its owner and companion. 

Despite its aggressive appearance and muscular body, the Brazilian Bulldog or Bulldog Campeiro is docile towards its owners and family members.

The bulldog breed is incredibly brave and will do anything for his master and his family.

The living environment of Campeiro Bulldogs is ideal and very docile and this breed is no longer used in livestock confinement.

Although the breed can be bred in both rural and urban environments. 

Social Engagement

He can be a little aggressive towards people. It is really important to socialize these breeds from a young age.

It is critical to encourage the Campeiro Bulldogs to participate in their activities.

It is an obedient dog that accepts the commands of its owners. It is an affectionate and docile dog with children.

Although he is somewhat reserved with strangers, they love the company of the owners and feel that he is part of that family.

Exercise Requirement

This breed needs moderate exercise on a daily basis. They like to walk outside.

About 30 minutes of ideal exercise is enough to keep their muscles strengthened. 


Because of the short coat, grooming this breed is simple; brushing a couple of times per week is sufficient.

The wrinkles should be cleaned and dried daily to avoid the accumulation of dirt and to protect the dog from the development of fungi in these places. 

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