How Long Does an American Bulldog Live

If you are an owner of an American Bulldog, or if you are planning to have one, then there might be many questions about the breed before you own it, like what is the history of the breed? What does an American bulldog eat? How long does an American bulldog live? How to maximize the life of this dog and many more.

The American Bulldog is one of the most famous bulldog breeds all over the world, especially in the USA. 

This breed is famous for its loyal, friendly, and affectionate behavior. They are nice to kids and all the family members. 

But before this breed is known for its friendly nature, they used to be known as fighter dogs in history. 

An American bulldog has been used in blood sports called “bull baiting” in history. 

In this sport, they had to fight with bulls. However, as time passed, this sport fell out of favor, and the bulldog was rendered unemployed. 

They have since been used for a variety of other purposes, including guard dogs to protect personal property and cattle-catching dogs. 

Those tasks required a powerful, agile, confident, and muscular dog, and the Bulldog was the perfect fit for those tasks. 

because they have a history of fighting dogs, and they still have an athletic body structure. 

They have muscular bodies; they have strong bones; they are medium-sized to large-sized breeds. 

Over time, the American bulldog has become one of the most popular and sought-after breeds among pet owners. 

It is extremely difficult to predict how long your loved one will be with you. But still, there are factors that can give you an idea of how long does an American bulldog lives. This article will primarily discuss the lifespan of an American bulldog.

How Long Does an American Bulldog Live? 

There are many breeders available who have recognized this breed. One of the Australian breeders conducted a survey about American bulldogs and figured out the answer to how long does an American bulldog live.

They have reported that the average life of the American Bulldog is between 10–12 years

But exceptions are always there. A healthy American Bulldog can live for four more years than expected, and they could live up to 16 years as well

And it is said that the American bulldog is the healthiest bulldog breed. 

How to maximize the lifespan of an American Bulldog? 

How Long Does an American Bulldog Live

When you own a pet, and when that becomes a part of your family and you love them so much, then you do everything for them to keep them happy and healthy. 

After you know how long does an American bulldog lives, you want your American bulldog loved one to be with you for a long time, and you always want to enhance the life span of the breed and try to keep them healthy. 

Here we are going to discuss a few points which can help you keep your American bulldog healthy and that can increase the lifespan of this breed.

1-Spay or Neuter.

If you really love your American bulldog, then getting them spayed or neutered would be a good choice until and unless you are not planning to breed puppies from your American bulldog. 

Even if you are planning to breed puppies from an American bulldog, that might not be a good choice for you if you are not a professional breeder.

The breeding process needs so much time and attention, along with lots of money, that if you are not completely sure you have everything that is required to breed, then breeding would not be a good choice for you.

You can simply get your American bulldog spayed or neutered and you can keep them healthy and keep your loved one with you for a long time. 

2-Keep monitoring the weight of an American bulldog.

In today’s world, being overweight is not good for humans or pets. Being overweight means many health issues.

Many scientific studies have been conducted that show that thin dogs live longer than fat ones. 

According to one study conducted in the United Kingdom, reducing 25% of calories in specific diets can result in living two years longer than others. 

3-Make sure they are getting enough exercise. 

As previously discussed, we should not allow our American bulldogs to become overweight, and we must closely monitor their diet. 

But the diet alone is not enough to keep their weight in check. You have to make sure they are getting proper exercise on a daily basis. 

An American bulldog is a high-energy bulldog breed. Exercising for around an hour a day is fine for them.

Exercise will help them to keep themselves underweight and will help them to maintain their body muscles.

4-Prefer to give them a raw diet.

In today’s generation, most foods have preservatives or other ingredients added, but according to one of the European studies mentioned, dogs who were fed homemade food lived 3 years longer than dogs fed commercial dog food.

5-Give them proper nutrition or supplements. 

It is very difficult to feed your American bulldog all the raw food which contains all the required nutrients like vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc. 

That is the reason we have to feed them a good supplement after discussing it with the VET, which should contain:-

  • Omega-3
  • Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Vitamin-C
  • Glucosamine
  • Probiotics
  • Antioxidants


How long do female American bulldogs live?

The female American Bulldog generally lives about 10 to 12 years.

How long does an American Bulldog live?

The average life of an American bulldog is 10–12 years, but a healthy American bulldog can live up to 16 years.

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