The Lifespan of French Bulldogs and How to Extend It

The French Bulldog is one of the most adorable, friendly, and affectionate bulldog breeds. This breed has gained lots of fame in history.

Most pet lovers already have this breed or want to own this breed because this breed deserves human attention.

People who are going to be first-time owners of French bulldogs could have multiple questions in mind about the French bulldog, like what they eat, how to take care of them, what their history is, what is the lifespan of french bulldog, etc., and it is good to find out all the answers before owning any pet, which can help you to take care of them well.

This article will primarily discuss the lifespan of French bulldog and potential methods for extending its life.

What Is The Lifespan Of French Bulldog?

lifespan of french bulldog

These furry friends are very friendly to humans and love to spend time with them and cuddle with family members.

It is quite hard to figure out the exact lifespan of French bulldog because there are multiple factors that play a role in it.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the average lifespan of French Bulldog is around 10–12 years.

But still, a few studies have been done which have found the 3 factors that play the role in the lifespan of French bulldog, and if those are followed properly, the lifespan of French bulldog can be enhanced by up to 14 years as well.

The factors which determine the lifespan of French Bulldogs are:

lifespan of french bulldog
  • Genetics
  • Breeding
  • Lifestyle

However, we, as pet owners, cannot control the genetics and breeding factors. We can only try to gather information and history about genetics and breeding and go accordingly.

The only thing that we can control is their lifestyle. It is entirely up to us to provide them with a suitable lifestyle. If we follow this properly, it can enhance the lifespan of French bulldog.

These are a few tips that can improve their lifestyle and enhance their lifespan but still, it is always recommended to consult with your vet if you see any health issues in your pup.

How to enhance the lifespan of French Bulldog

1-French Bulldog Diet

The French bulldog is a small bulldog breed. They are stocky-built. They can’t stand being overweight in their bodies.

Excessive weight gain can create problems for French bulldogs like obesity, brittle bones, and heart issues.

So you should always monitor their diet and make sure their weight is under control.

2-Take to the vet for a regular checkup

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to monitor your pet’s health and make sure they do not have any illness. They should also be getting all the required vaccines.

It is recommended to take your French bulldog to a well-certified and well-experienced vet for a regular checkup.

3-Keep them clean

By nature, dogs are curious to smell and lick new things, and if you are using chemical-based cleaning products, they might smell or lick the chemicals, which can be harmful to their health.

It is always best and recommended to keep their chemical-based cleaning products safe and away from them, and if possible, to use organic cleaning products for them.

4-Spend time with your French Bulldog

The French bulldog is a family pet. They love to spend time with family members and be a part of the family.

If they are left alone at home for a long time, they might have to deal with separation anxiety.

So, make sure to spend time with them as much as possible. Significant happiness can enhance their lives.

5-Exercise or physical activity

lifespan of french bulldog

This small French bulldog is a not-so-active and lazy pet and is prone to lots of health issues.

It is your responsibility to schedule your Frenchie’s daily routine for exercise or physical activity.

Since they are small dogs and they are lazy types of dogs, they do not need lots of exercises. For them, around 30 minutes of daily physical activity is enough for them.

Frenchie can be your best buddy on an evening or morning walk.

6-Spay or Neuter

Many studies have been done and have confirmed that dogs that were spayed or neutered live longer than other dogs.

It is a surgical process, but it can help your loved one live with you for a few more years.

Spay and neutering is a good idea until and unless you are a professional breeder who has time to do all these breeding processes, which takes time and money.


What is the French bulldog’s life expectancy

 French bulldogs live an average of 10-12 Years.

What do French bulldogs usually die from?

According to the Institute of Canine Biology’s report, the maximum number of French Bulldogs usually die from cancer around the age of 10 years.

What is the female Frenchie’s lifespan?

Like the male Frenchie, the average lifespan of a female Frenchie is 10–12 years.

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