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The English Bulldog breed is known for its loving, calm, and confident behavior, and has a sweet disposition.

Their coat comes with lots of beautiful colors and patterns and it has low maintenance as well.

This Dog’s head is big and spherical, and the muzzle is very short. That makes the face a flattened appearance.

However, their iconic face has made lots of fans.

Quick Overview Of The English Bulldog

Breed NameEnglish Bulldog
LIfespan8-10 Years
Breed typeNon-sporting (According to AKC)
SizeMedium size Dog Breed
HeightAbout 31-40 cm
WeightMale: 54 lbs / Female: 50 lbs
TemperamentLoving, calm, confident, friendly
Coat colorFallow, Fawn, Brindle, White, Red
FeaturesThick neck, short face, heavy wrinkles
Exercise requirement20-40 minutes a day
Energy levelLaidback
Tendency to DroolHigh
Tendency to BarkLow
Tendency to DigLow
Attention needModerate

English bulldog Complete information


This is one of the famous dog breeds with different looks.

This breed has wide heads and shoulders.

And there are generally thick folds of skin on the brow, round black wide-set eyes.

Small muzzle folds are called a rope or nose above the nose.

Hanging skin around the neck.

It has drooping lips and pointed teeth and an upturned jaw.

And the coat is short with beautiful Fallow, Fawn, Brindle, White, and Red colors.

This is one of the breeds with a naturally short tail.

Breed Size

In terms of height, these are medium size breeds.

And mature breeds can be around 31-40cm in height.

The mature breed can weigh around 50lbs for females and 54lbs for males.

You should monitor your Dog’s weight. Your Dog should be slim because being overweight is bad for this breed.

Breed Colors

One of the most beautiful parts of the English Bulldog that people love is its color.

Most likely, it comes with a few beautiful colors that are:

  • Fallow 
  • Fawn
  • Brindle 
  • White
  • Red

There could be a combination of two or three colors from those colors.

Few of them come with a wide variety of markings.

Breed Temperament

These breeds are not fighter breeds anymore.

Nowadays, these breeds are known for their calm, friendly, and courageous behavior.

These breeds are very loyal and affectionate to their families.

And they are very confident as well.

However, they were fighter breeds sometimes in history, but now they are not aggressive to humans.

Their nature is friendly and loving towards humans.

This English Bulldog is active and playful.

Social Engagement

english bulldog

Socialization with people, other Dog breeds, and location can carry that innate confidence into adulthood.

You should make sure your dog has a positive experience and feels familiar with any other pet he meets.

Since this breed was a fighter breed, some of these Dogs might still be wary of other dogs.

You should make sure that your dog meets a lot of dogs during their socialization period.

This will really help your dog to reduce the likelihood of becoming a problem for your dog later on.

Exercise Requirement

english bulldog

Few of them are more active than other Dogs.

And some of them enjoy going for a walk each day, and they love to have fun and play with kids.

But few of them are not physically capable of doing exercise each day or having fun. Sometimes they are stubborn to go walking as well.

This all depends on their individual repository problems.

But it is good for their health to do regular exercise and keep slim themselves.

Bulldog temperature 

Taking your Bulldog out for a walk, jogging, hiking or exercise is good, but it is not a good idea to take them in hot weather.

This breed likes a cool climate and it really enjoys a cool climate.

You should make sure you don’t exercise your Dog in a hot climate. 

And even do not let them lie in the direct sun on warm days.

Since they like a cool climate, splashing in water might help them to cool down, but again, most the English Bulldogs can not swim, because of their conformation, so we should keep an eye on them.

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