French Bulldog Guide, How much is a French bulldog cost 2022

The French Bulldog is a stocky and compact dog. They are friendly and mild-mannered and are considered companion breeds.

This breed is also known for its flat face.

This breed developed in the 1800s, and this is the result of the cross between Toy Bulldogs, which were imported from England, and Ratters, which were imported from Paris, France.

This is one of the very famous family pets. In the United States, this breed was the second most popular American Kennel Club (AKC) registered bulldog, and in the United Kingdom as well, this breed was the second most popular registered dog breed in 2000.

In 2017, this breed was the 3rd most popular bulldog in Australia.

Breed History

Bulldogs became famous for the blood sport called bull-baiting during the 1800s. But after bull-baiting was banned in 1835, these breeds were left unemployed and there was no use for them, so people started using bulldogs as guards, watchdogs, or companion breeds.

For different purposes, people started crossing Bulldogs with different breeds. To reduce the size of the bulldog, some of the Bulldogs were crossed with terrier dogs from the slums of England.

As a result, the French Bulldog became popular in the 1850s in England.

In the 1860s, these breeds got space in dog shows as well, which weighed under 12 pounds (5.4kg).

During the industrial revolution in 1860, lace workers were displaced and began to settle in Normandy, France. They brought different kinds of dogs, including Bulldogs, and since then, dogs have become popular in France and began the trade in small bulldogs.

The small Bulldog became popular in France and this breed got the name the Bouledogue Francais.

In western Europe, bulldogs were very popular in the past. One of the most famous breeds was the English Bulldog. After 1885, Americans began importing French bulldogs to develop the American-based breeding program.

Society ladies used to own these breeds. In 1896, this breed was first displayed at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

The French Bulldog Club of America was founded by ladies, and they set the standards for the breed, and they confirmed that “erect bat ear” was the correct type of the breed.

Quick Overview of French Bulldog

Breed NameFrench Bulldog
Other NameFrenchies
Lifespan10-12 Years
Breed typePurebred
Height11 and 13 inches
Weight Male/Female20 to 28 lbs / 16 to 24 lbs
TemperamentPlayful / Smart / Adaptable
Coat Short
Colorfawn, brindle, white, or cream with brindle patches (pieds)
Exercise requirement30 minutes
Energy levelLow
Tendency to DroolHigh
Tendency to BarkLow
Attention needHigh

Appearance of the Breed

French Bulldog Appearance

As per the American Kennel Club standard, the French Bulldog is a muscular dog, their coat is soft with loose skin and they have wrinkled faces.

The head of this breed is large and square-shaped; the ears of the breed are bat-eared, and they have flat faces. The eyes should be dark, almost black.

As per the American Kennel Club (AKC) standard, blue-eyed French Bulldogs are not approved.

The size of the breed

The French Bulldog is a small dog breed. Generally, they grow up to be between 11 and 13 inches.

The male breed weighs between 20 to 28 lbs and the female breed weighs between 16 to 24 lbs.

Coat and Colors of the Breed

The French Bulldog’s coat is short-haired, soft, and silky. As per the American Kennel Club (AKC), their coat color should be fawn (fawn can be any light shade of red), brindle, white, or cream with brindle patches, which are also called pieds.

The most common colors of the breed are fawn and brindle.

White or cream with brindle patches (pied) is no less common than other colors.

These are the only colors that are recognized by the AKC standard.

Breed Temperament

The French Bulldog is a companion dog, like other dog breeds.

This breed is very affectionate with its family and owner. They look for people’s attention and they want to be around family members most of the time. They might suffer from separation anxiety If they are left alone for a long time.

They are very patient and they are not big barkers. Sometimes they might be stubborn, but they are still easy to socialize with. They can live with other pets or with other breeds.

They are intelligent and people-oriented, which is why they are easy to train. They ranked 109th in The Intelligence of Dogs.

The Temperature Of The Breed

The French Bulldog’s breathing system is combined with their single short coat. That is why they cannot regulate their temperature efficiently, and due to their snub nose, they find difficulty breathing in hot weather and get heatstroke in hot and humid weather.

Frenchies do not need a big backyard or a big apartment. They are fine with a room or small dwelling, but you should keep them in a cool environment where they can be comfortable. This dog is not comfortable being left outside on a hot day, so keep him in air-conditioned surroundings.

Social Engagement

The French Bulldog is a companion dog breed that loves to have human contact most of the time.

This is not an outdoor dog whom you can leave outside for a long time. If you are looking for such a dog, then this breed is not for you.

If a Frenchies is left alone for a long time, then they might suffer from separation anxiety. This breed has a loving temperament. They love humans, especially kids.

Frenchies can be possessive of their people and territorial in the presence of other pets. That is why socialization is very important for Frenchies from an early age.

Since they are companion dog breeds, socialization would be quite an easy and enjoyable task.

A well-socialized French bulldog can be an excellent watchdog. They are not big barkers, but they are still protective toward their owner and family members if a stranger approaches the property. 

Exercise Requirements

The French bulldog is a small-sized dog breed that does not need lots of exercise. Their energy level is low, but exercise for Frenchies is still very important to keep them at their ideal weight.

A short walk on a regular basis would be fine for him. He might be stubborn about going out, but you have to be firm and patient with him.

Around 30 minutes of daily walking and some physical activity will be fine. They enjoy playtime, so you can sometimes play with them as well.

They should not be exercised in hot temperatures as they are prone to heat exhaustion, so choose a morning or evening time to exercise or walk. 

Grooming Requirements

The French Bulldog has a short, silky, smooth, and shiny coat. This makes their grooming quite an easy task. They do not shed much. Brushing their coat once a week is fine to keep their coat smooth and healthy. To avoid fungal infection, clean their ears with damp warm clothes on a regular basis, as well as their wrinkles with damp warm clothes.

Trim his nails on a regular basis if they grow long, and clean his teeth regularly to avoid bad breath.

Examine his skin for any scabs, bare spots, skin lesions, roughness, or flaky skin.

If you see any kind of issue on his skin, then you should check with a veterinarian.

How much is a French bulldog cost?

How much is a French bulldog cost

In the United States, a French Bulldog typically costs between $1,500 and $3,000. Depending on the breeder’s reputation and location, this cost may change. You can also think about adopting a French Bulldog puppy from a rescue organization Paws.

The French Bulldog is a great breed if you enjoy cuddling with dogs, cute snoring, and pushed-in faces. They are not active players, so it is not a good idea to play freesibie with them. Then you might need to consider different breeds or English Bulldog.

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