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Breed Introduction

The Valley Bulldog is one of the rare bulldog breeds.

This breed was developed in Annapolis Valley, Canada, that is why this breed got the Valley Bulldog name.

This bulldog was developed by mixing English Bulldogs with Boxers.

This bulldog is also known as the Bull-Boxer, and this bulldog breed is also considered a designer bulldog.

The main motive of the breeders was to create a strong athletic, brave, and calm temperament bulldog breed.

Some believe this breed was first seen in 1970, so they do not have a long history.

However, this breed was created as a mixed breed but now they are considered as pure breed estimates from the last 15 generations.

Quick Overview of the Valley Bulldogs

Breed NameValley Bulldogs
Other NameBull-Boxer
OriginUnited States
Lifespan10 to 12 Years
Breed typePurebreed
SizeMedium to large
Height 12 to 25 inches
Weight50 to 125 lbs
TemperamentGentle and friendly
Coat Sort and smooth
ColorRed, Brindle, White, Fawn and brown
Exercise requirementAbout 60 Minute
Energy levelHigh
Litter size6 to 8 Puppies
Tendency to DroolModerate
Tendency to BarkModerate
Attention needModerate

Breed Appearance

The Valley Bulldog can have a different appearance as per their parents’ traits. Usually, they have muscular built physiques, their body is strong, they have a broad head, and the neck is thick.

Their chest and shoulders are wide, they have strong jaws, and their teeth are underbite.

They can have two different types of noses: either a snout that is pushed in or a long muzzle.

They have short ears, and those are slightly folded forward. Their tails are small and docked.

Breed Size

The Valley Bulldog is a medium to large-sized bulldog breed.

The breed’s height can grow around 12 to 25 inches (31 to 64 cm), and breeds can weigh around 50 to 125 lbs (23-57 kg)

Breed Coat and Colors

The Valley Bulldog has short and smooth coats. There are possibly a few common colors: Red, Brindle, White, Fawn, and brown.

Their nose color could be black, brown, and blue and their eyes could be blue, brown, Amber, and Hazel.

Breed Temperament

The Valley Bulldog breed has a lovely temperament. They are famous for their friendly and gentle nature.

They are very gentle with people, children, and even with other pets.

They enjoy playing with children.

These breeds are intelligent and they can learn easily. 

They are loyal and obedient to their owner and family members. It makes this breed a great watchdog. They bark and alert their owner if they find anything unfamiliar.

Breed Temperature

The Valley Bulldog can not handle excessive heat. It is better to keep them in a cool temperature area or in an AC room.

Social Engagement

The Valley Bulldog should be socialized at an early age. If they get socialized, they can have an excellent temperament, and they are nice with kids and other animals.

valley bulldog

Exercise Requirement

The Valley Bulldog has a muscular physique, and they are active too, so they enjoy spending time outdoors. 

They really need regular exercise. 60 minutes of daily physical exercise is fine. That can include walking or running as well. They have good speed, so they enjoy running.


The Valley Bulldog has a short and soft coat. That is why the maintenance of this breed is a pretty easy task.

Brushing their coat once a week to remove dead hair, to keep their coat smooth.

It is important to wipe their wrinkles and folds on a regular basis with the help of lukewarm water to avoid any infections.

Check their ears, eyes, teeth, and nails and clean them and brush their teeth, and trim their nails if required.

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